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How to become a full Club member

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How to become a full Club member Empty How to become a full Club member

Post  Admin on Thu 08 Nov 2018, 20:26

Please be sure to read this very carefully and not just skip though it

(This is an annual membership that starts on the 1st April and runs until the 31st March the following year)

Note that you need to register with the forum before you can become a full member
(Believe it or not we have actually had people sending membership money and they haven't even registered on the forum!)

New membership subscription is currently:- £10.56 and you can choose between a FREE enamel Club pin badge
or a sew on Club patch - (NEW members ONLY)
- see the "CLUB SHOP" for
pictures of the badges. Membership renewal is £6.42 per year.

You will NOT find a cheaper subscription Suzuki Intruder Owners Club any where on the internet!.

ALL subscriptions MUST be made in pound sterling.

The ONLY way to pay for membership or renewal is via the Club shop.
Please click on the link below. The shop uses Paypal for the checkout,
but you DO NOT need an account to use it, you can still use a
debit / credit card to checkout.

All subscriptions are none refundable

Allow at least 24 hours for your membership to be activated as we are only human and
have jobs and families. You will not be informed when your full membership has been activated,
but once it has your username will change to
GREEN and you will be able
to access the full members area etc.


Mick - Admin

There are many "HOW TO's" and info about the forum in the link below.

Site Questions, News & Suggestions


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